Best Way To Sleep

Best Way To Sleep

by: Align

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom

Life is easier and less confusing when we embrace the simple truths that are inside of us already.  Chiropractors make use of this wisdom and work with the body to achieve results, both with chiropractic care and in life in general.  Take the way that our bodies communicate for example.  The communication inside is amazing, with a city's worth of information going along wiring connecting your body and brain across lines known as your spinal cord and nerves.  These nerves carry information in them, just like communication lines.

This exchange of information coordinates massive amounts of action inside your body.  Every single signal creates some level of response.  Movement, regulation of organs, reflexes, and even our own external communication are all coordinated by the communication taking place inside your body.  And huge volumes of this information are being processed by your brain at all times, which is taking data in and sending the best signals back out.  Properly coordinated exchanges of information lead to the most harmonious functions inside your body.  Chiropractors' goal is to improve the spine and nervous system to facilitate this communication to keep signals from 'getting crossed.'

The same principle can work in our lives, when our communication with those around us, family, work, friends, our partner, etc., is high quality, nearly everything is easier.  And when that communication gets a little sideways, the big picture of our lives can do the same.  Make it a goal to have clear communication inside your body, and outside with the world, and see how great the outcomes are that you can create, in both your body and your life.

 "Don't Make Your Chiropractor Say 'Yikes!'"

A super common question in chiropractic offices is:

"What's the best way to sleep?"

This is a great question and the place to start is do you sleep on your back, your side, or your front?  This is a bit of a trick question because all three of these positions can be done 'wrong,' but only two of them can end up in a good sleeping position.

This is because the third way (on your belly) just doesn't work in terms of a healthy sleeping posture.  At least, not without setting yourself up for big problems down the road.  Belly sleeping is a big no-no in terms of healthy sleep positions.  Sleep is when our body is working hard on repairing the stress of the day, so best to give it what it needs - less stress!  The truth on sleep is that being on your belly with your head turned for the length of your night's sleep wreaks havoc on your neck (and also your upper back), and all of the tissues surrounding it.

Take a minute and talk to your chiropractor about strategies to make changes to help you get better at this, and ultimately get better sleep all the way around.  They've seen lots and lots of people using every sleep position imaginable so don't be afraid to talk it over.  Make use of a great resource!