Vitamin D: Why it’s Important in Bastrop TX

Vitamin D: Why it’s Important in Bastrop TX

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We all know that calcium is important in Bastrop TX for bone growth and strength, but did you know that there is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in America?

Vitamin D is essential to building and keeping your bones strong and stable throughout your life, it is part of the “glue” that keeps the calcium in your bones. Without adequate vitamin D adults run the risk of developing osteoporosis, and children who don’t get enough vitamin D run the risk of developing rickets, (weak or soft bones).

How much vitamin D do you need?

  • The USDA recommends 400-800 IU for men and women ages 50 and under.
  • For men and women age 51 and over, the recommendation jumps to 800-1000 IU’s

How do you get vitamin D in Bastrop TX?

  1. Sunlight
    • Your skin makes vitamin D from sunlight and stores it for later use. How much you may make depends on several factors including time of day, season and where you live.
      Most people, during optimal seasons can create enough vitamin D with about 10 minutes of sun per day, however; due to concerns about sun exposure and the development of skin cancer most people also use sun-block which inhibits the development of vitamin D. Fortunately, there are other ways to obtain this important vitamin.
  2. Food
    • Vitamin D is naturally available in only a few foods, including egg yolks, fatty fish like wild-caught mackerel, salmon and tuna. Many other foods are enriched with Vitamin D (it’s added to the food) such as is done with milk, many dairy products, cereals, and even orange juice to name a few items.
    • It is very difficult to get all the vitamin D you need from either food or sunshine alone. Most people are advised to take a vitamin D supplement to ensure getting enough of the nutrient needed to maintain bone health.
  3. Supplements
    • If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D from sunlight and food, you maybe want to consider taking a supplement, but before you do, check the other vitamins you’re taking to see whether or not there is vitamin D already present.
    • Also be sure to discuss any supplements you’re taking, as well as any that contain calcium or vitamin D, with your health care provider before changing or adding something new.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Are You at Risk?

People who might need extra vitamin D include:

  • People who spend little time in the sun or those who regularly cover up when outdoors;
  • People living in nursing homes or other institutions or who are homebound;
  • People with certain medical conditions such as Celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease;
  • People taking medicines that affect vitamin D levels such as certain anti-seizure medicines;
  • People with very dark skin;
  • Obese or very overweight people; and
  • Older adults with certain risk factors.

If you meet any of these risk factors or think you might be at risk of vitamin D deficiency please be sure to talk with your healthcare provider.

If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia you may also have a vitamin D deficiency which will result in your healthcare provider temporarily prescribing a higher dose of supplement.

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