The Cure for this Widespread Modern Malady

By: Kapsner Chiropractic Centers

Here is the solution to understanding an ever-more common anxiety-causing malady.  And how the key to solving it is getting two things – knowing what it takes to get healthy – and the power of understanding how to choose the quickest line at the grocery store.  

Ever feel like you can’t get everything done?  Like there is a never ending to-do list that you can’t reach the bottom?  And that some things just sit there, always undone?

Then the really hard part.  There are so many exciting things that other people are doing – vacations, dinners out, exciting parties, events.  The list goes on and on.

It can feel like we would rather be doing what almost anyone else is doing instead of what we have on our own plate in front of us.  These days, they call this FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out.

And it is more widespread than ever.    It is the fear that what everyone else is doing is better.  More fun, more social, more exciting.  And that what we ourselves are doing might be… unimportant.  Or worse.  


First, the trick to understanding the quickest line at the grocery store.  While it may seem that you always choose the slower line, the truth is that it isn’t you.  You aren’t flawed, or a naturally bad, slow or unlucky person.  It is simply a numbers game.  Four grocery lines to choose from?  

By odds the chance you get the fastest line is only 25%.  Maybe you can judge the size of the carts, and the speed of the cashiers, but you are still working against an uphill battle of the odds.  And this leaves you feeling like you make the wrong choice.  All. The. Time.  Other people are going faster, getting where they want to go.  While you are left waiting and going slower than everyone else.  

Just like FOMO.

The trick is, there are more people around us than ever to compare ourselves to.  Hence, the increase.  But what is the real key to this stressful conundrum is to give yourself the gift of more time.  Years, in fact, full of active, exciting, social activity that anyone would envy.   

And that trick is to use your time the most wise way possible – to increase your health.  It is said that we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  But what that saying misses is that we can give ourselves the best gift there is.  The gift of years of vibrant healthy activity.  But only so long as we are willing to make the right investments (and miss out on the few specific things that are going to make you really miss out after all).  Want to know more?  Give us a call.